Effective consulting in operations comes down to a consultant’s depth of industry knowledge and ability to identify how things are really working and what needs to change in order to meet targets.

Our consultants specialize in:

  • Transformation Management
  • Program & Project management
  • Operational Excellence


Case Studies of Our Operations Work

Balancing Work Volume and Profitability

Presenting Problem: The Operations Team of a small wealth management services firm undergoing rapid growth was showing signs of extreme over work. Profits were not high enough to support hiring of new staff to share the work load.

NLG Participation: Partner with brokerage operations and systems knowledge spent a couple of weeks interviewing people, developed a list of items that seemed to be causing the work volume backup, and worked with management to rank the risk factors around these issues. Partner identified one set of work that was impacting everyone on a team, and decomposed the work into a number of elements to which management could assign different priority and risk ratings.

Outcome: As a result, part of the work continued to be priority and was placed on an emergency systems fix list, part of the work was centralized to a couple of specialists, and part of the work that was associated with an accreditation to which the organization was aspiring was deemed unfeasible and discontinued. There was significant relief in the Operations Team within one month of the changes.

Identifying the Source of Operational and IT Problems

Presenting Problem: A mid-sized insurance company was experiencing serious difficulties with their computing systems, including constant availability problems that made it hard for operational groups to meet their day-to-day needs. The Head of Operations was frustrated and called in NLG to evaluate the situation.

NLG Participation: A partner with IT expertise reviewed the existing systems with IT staff and issues with Operations staff. Then worked with staff to develop ways to analyze and understand the situation.

Outcome: As a result of this work, it emerged that the source of the problem was a massive positive shift occurring in their business caused by external factors – a change that neither existing systems nor operational processes could handle.

Developing Regulatory and Compliance Understanding

Presenting Problem: A major bank realized that they had not been performing a critical filing on their aggregated holdings to a foreign jurisdiction. The Risk & Compliance group wanted to investigate if this was just a “one off” or a pattern and, if needed, to develop a project charter to address it.

NLG Participation:  NewLink executive consultant was given an office full of boxes and asked to give an opinion on the size of the problem. They started by identifying and categorizing all references to legislation, organization units and systems in the boxes. After an intense month of analysis, concluded that “aggregation” and related legislation was becoming a major topic that would need attention to figure out position to take and to put together the information needed to do the reporting and filings required around the world.

Outcome: Based on the research results, the bank initiated a large initiative on two fronts: 1) legal – gathering financial institution partners to collectively pay for the legal investigation needed, and 2) systems – launching an investigation to understand all the systems that would need to be built and/or integrated to produce the data for the filings. The systems cost anticipated by the partner turned out to be in the ballpark of actual cost.