Dorothea Penman, MBA – The Distiller

Dorothea is the partner who distills each problem or project to its essence. If there is a crisis, Dorothea is adept at calming everyone down, establishing what needs to be done, focusing participants on that target and pushing them to get there. Dorothea is a proven catalyst for change through strategic thinking, building team spirit and providing the structure needed to support and implement change. Her ability to work with individuals at all levels, political acumen, and a leadership style that focuses on removing barriers to individual and team success make her highly effective in situations with complex interpersonal and interdepartmental dynamics.

Linking business strategy and technology is her speciality. She has a wealth of business and technology management consulting and implementation experience.

Dorothea has assisted organizations to:

  • enhance their ability to deal with a rapidly changing business environment
  • maximize results from information-based products and services
  • recognize and resolve operational and organizational problems
  • revamp and implement business process and systems

Her primary areas of expertise include:

  • Program and Project management
  • Change management and process facilitation
  • Strategic business and/or systems planning
  • Information technology product development and innovation
  • Business and information systems alignment

A founding partner, while at NLG Dorothea has worked in such roles as:

  • Program Manager, running a PMO office for the Trading Systems of Canadian Wealth Management arm of a major Canadian bank
  • Interim Vice President, Information Technology for the Investment Division of a large insurance company
  • Developer of numerous product strategies and business cases for a technology solutions service provider to the financial services industry
  • Program Director Term Lending Solutions of a major Canadian bank
  • Project Director HR Shared Services of a major Canadian bank
  • Acting Chief Technology Officer for a major mutual funds information provider

Previously, Dorothea was president of an independent consulting firm, Vice-President of Canada Permanent Trust, and held several senior management positions with Suncor Inc.

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