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Are you an experienced independent consultant looking to solve complex problems and lead value innovation within the financial services industry? Then you may want to join us.

Benefits consultants receive when they become part of NewLink Group include:

  • access to interesting work while maintaining the freedom to run your own business
  • contract negotiator and coaching
  • association to a strong and established brand with a reputation for solving complex problems
  • support and coaching when necessary to resolve issues with clients
  • top consultants may also choose to raise their online profile by having their bios on the NLG site

Keep in mind that we are not an employer, we are a connector – if your skills, experience and values fit with our approach we can help connect you to interesting work. We have connections to all of the major banks and insurance companies in Canada – a benefit to both the consultants in our network and our clients, because it allows us to connect the right people to the right work. If you have read Who We Are and believe you would fit well with Our Approach, you can copy and paste your resume into the form below and submit it to us for consideration.

If you choose to make a submission, please note that we will only contact you if we have an opportunity for you.


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