Strategic Resourcing

When a client comes to NLG looking to fill a particular role, our partners first work with them to define what kind of person they are looking for. Then they find the right person for the role, either by looking at the pool of existing consultants or, if none suit these needs, to their extended network of contacts to identify new talent.

The NLG partners personally screen potential candidates to ensure they have the skills and experience required and that their character and work style align with the client organization. At NLG we understand that different people work well in different environments. In matching consultants to roles, our partners consider factors beyond skills and experience. We look at such variables as:

  • how candidates manage under stress
  • whether they are big picture thinkers or excel at the details
  • whether they are primarily creators or implementers
  • whether they are skilled at structuring projects or adept at making things happen within structured scenarios
  • how they will fit within the client’s organization and specific team

We also look for certain characteristics that are the mark of a NewLinker.

A sampling of the roles NewLink typically sources includes:

  • Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Business Transformation Leads
  • Architects (Enterprise, Business,  Solutions)
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Business or Business Systems Analysts
  • Application Developers
  • Quality Assurance Specialists (Managers or Analysts)


Case Studies of Our Strategic Resourcing Work

Developing Effective Collaboration Across Cultural and Corporate Lines

Presenting Problem: Outsource based mid-sized software development company was contracted to jointly develop a new policy administration system with an international insurer who in turn had IT operations and support outsourced to another firm. They mutually agreed to a revolutionary architectural framework, modes of operation, and methods to flesh out the fundamental business requirements. However, repeated “communication” challenges stalled the program.

NLG Participation: NewLink senior consultant Project Manager (PM) with insurance software vendor company background and an extremely inclusive and collaborative management style worked with all parties to develop plans and move things forward. Combined industry, software development and project process knowledge allowed this PM to understand what all the various parties needed at each step, and to facilitate their work within the extremely complex environment.

Outcome: After 17 months of intense effort, NLG consultant got the collective team through the “Go Live” implementation of the first insurance product set and left them with a detailed plan for the next iterations of the program.

True Solutions Architecture, at its Best

Presenting Problem: A division of a large international bank had a complicated homegrown incentive compensation system for its “large earners” that could support fewer than ten concurrent users, even though there were hundreds of sporadic end users. The limitations of this system created an unsustainable situation when the organization began aggressively increasing incentive compensation.

NLG Participation: NLG expert solutions architect joined the team at the beginning of the project, and established that not only was the system not able to handle the number of users, but that it also had severe calculation errors. Architect conducted extensive requirements gathering sessions with senior executives and Business Architects using a rules-based approach within a robust IT framework the team had developed. With this information NLG consultant was able to develop the technical architecture and recommended a buy strategy.  They participated in a full RFP process, short listed two vendors, completed proof of concept, chose a vendor but wanted some changes to system. Consultant worked with vendor to get desired changes, led the business in building the business rules and workflow, configured the system, and helped resolve performance issues. Consultant spent over two years to the first roll-out and brought the project in on time and on budget.

Outcome: New ICM system was successfully rolled out to initial 1,500 users. Bank decided to use the solution bank-wide as a platform technology for the majority of the incentive based compensation in the organization.