Program and Project Management

Our program and project managers are very experienced, have large toolkits of program/project management techniques, and possess subject matter expertise in their areas of work. This combination of industry knowledge and management expertise allows our managers to understand and effectively navigate different corporate structures. Our consultants typically draw on a combination of position power, influence power and force of knowledge to collaboratively move programs and projects forward.

Program managers are keepers of the critical path for large business initiatives. Our program managers excel at identifying the friction points between projects, prioritizing what needs to be done and managing executive expectations around the different choices along this path. Similarly, our project managers are skilled at identifying and removing roadblocks, focusing teams, and driving projects to completion.


Case Studies of Our Program and Project Management Work

Managing a Corporate Infrastructure Development Project Pilot

Presenting Problem:  A large insurance company planned to develop a main corporate infrastructure with a set of database tools that its businesses could use to develop their own data, infrastructure, and tooling. The Investment Division was slated as one of the pilots.

NLG Participation: NLG partner was hired to work in conjunction with an outside database consultant to develop and implement the pilot. Over two years NLG partner built the Investment Division development team from the ground up, and engaged the business users in defining the credit analytics they wanted to build.

Outcome: The pilot was launched successfully and the development team continued to develop and support additional analytics. As the team matured a fulltime person was hired to run the analytics team.

NLG difference: NLG partner had the relationships and corporate understanding to be able to get the project up and running and through different political hurdles. Partner’s skill at working with individuals at all levels made the project run smoothly, as she cleared barriers as they arose so that each team member could succeed in their role.

Program Managing Development of Shared Services

Presenting Problem:  The Human Resources division of a large bank was trying to centralize a number of functions into shared services .The VP of HR did not have the internal skills to provide leadership and the project was running into trouble. At the same time, the Retail Banking division was also looking to set up shared services and turf wars were erupting between the two divisions.

NLG Participation: The bank brought in a NLG partner as Program Manager to lead the development of HR shared services over 18 months. The partner brought together the people with the appropriate knowledge and skills to do the necessary re-engineering and modelling to determine what was needed to implement the services. The partner resolved the turf war by bringing together the two VPs and working out a solution.

Outcome: Shared services in HR were successfully designed and implemented.

NLG difference: Leadership, experience and a collaborative approach allowed the partner to untangle a misunderstanding, resolve a major cross-divisional conflict, and get the job done.

Providing Project Management Knowledge and Direction

Presenting Problem:  One investments division in a major bank was having difficulty running projects effectively, in part due to an unhealthy relationship between operations and IT.

NLG Participation: NLG partner was initially brought in to assess the situation, then as a program manager to run the Project Management Office and change the way the team was delivering projects and services. The partner’s work included coaching the management team and project managers, improving and systematizing project management processes and providing direction to steer major projects through various stages.

Outcome: Over the course of three and a half years, partner re-invented a PMO that provides effective support and direction to achieve successful project completion throughout the division.

NLG Difference: Partner’s depth of industry knowledge and management experience, and skill at managing the human dimensions of project success and transferring these skills to the full-time team enabled the unit to get back on track.