We conduct customized and syndicated research and analysis designed to help companies make more informed decisions about critical business issues. Through strategic research we are assist clients to redefine their strategic role, business model and technology platform for their market space.

Our research work includes:

  • Strategic Research
  • Market Research
  • Product Development & Brand Repositioning
  • Satisfaction and Retention


Case Studies of Our Research Work

Research on Removing Barriers

Presenting Problem: Re-insurance companies use marketing to increase the overall number of insurance products sold in the world so that they have a larger base over which to distribute global risk. Marketing arm of a large international re-insurer was encountering resistance among insurance companies to development of new, highly profitable products because the complexity of setting up new products resulted in high systems and operations costs for them. President of the marketing arm brought NLG in to investigate if barriers could be removed whether insurance companies would be willing to add new products faster.

NLG Participation: Two NewLink partners worked with the client team to brainstorm what sorts of “services” would need to be offered to overcome the internal barriers. Then they: 1) researched what kind of company or Third Party Administrator (TPA) might be developed to deliver these services; 2) developed business model options; 3) anonymously surveyed insurers to gauge interest in service and business model preferences.

Outcome: Presented the work and findings with client up the international chain of command. Re-insurer continued to develop these ideas and eventually purchased a large firm to implement them.