Mergers and Acquisitions

While not an area of primary focus for NLG, we do work on pre-merger/acquisition analysis and post-merger/acquisition integration.

Prior to an M&A initiative we assist clients to: identify targets, clarify their motives for merger/acquisition, analyze how a target fits with their strategic direction and/or technology, develop a list of characteristics to guide the search, and to seek out targets.

In the integration phase, we can provide support and leadership on project management, business and technology structuring, and technology integration.

Our M&A work includes:

  • Analysis and evaluation of merger target
  • Integration work, particularly in IT


Case Studies of Our Mergers and Acquisitions Work

Resourcing Expertise for Integration

Presenting Problem: International bank purchased a major piece of Wealth Management business from another institution. The integration of that piece became a major challenge and the project was broken down into manageable pieces to merge the businesses.

NLG Participation:  NLG resources brought in to manage specific pieces of the integration.

Outcome: Resources provided considerable expertise to moving the integration forward.