One of our primary areas of expertise, we excel at helping businesses to focus and distill their strategic objectives and build paths towards realizing them. We work with clients to explore their business goals and drivers and see how they relate to what they are doing now, what the industry is doing, and what they need to be doing to meet their goals in the future.

Our strategic work includes:

  • Business Capability Modeling
  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • Business Transformation
  • Value Innovation
  • Program and Project Management


Case Studies of Our Strategy Work

Facilitating Industry-wide Change

Presenting Problem: An industry association wanted to bring together industry leaders for a one-day meeting to see if the entire Canadian industry would or could make a change to benefit all.

NLG Participation: NewLink was brought in to manage, structure and facilitate the meeting. NLG partners worked with the organization’s Board over two months to develop a clear goal and plans for how to attain it. Then they developed a summit structure to develop the collective decision process to meet this goal. NLG team with expertise in each of the summit’s stakeholder groups facilitated and managed the summit to drive development of a high level business case for the proposed industry change. Partners also developed post-summit decision materials for participants to take back to their organizations.

Outcome: One day summit of over 250 industry leaders resulted in industry decision to collectively move forward on the initiative based on the high level business case developed at the summit. A working group was established to move the initiative forward, with an agreed upon timeline for when they would produce a plan.  A press announcement was made about the agreement. The project significantly raised the industry organization’s profile and revealed a need for better data transfer standards and increased collaboration in the industry.

Developing Business Strategy to Support Rapid Growth

Presenting Problem: The COO of a mid-size insurance company asked NewLink to review an IT strategy document developed by their CIO and to come in and discuss it with the leadership team.

NLG Participation: Two partners analyzed the document as requested. They identified a lack of business discussion in the IT strategy document and expressed a strong belief to the company leadership that IT strategy must be supportive of business strategy.

Outcome: Progressive discussions revealed that further thinking about the strategy and goals would benefit many of the initiatives of the organization, not just the IT Strategy. Thereafter, two NewLink partners worked closely with the company’s leadership team in a series of structured meetings to collectively develop clear goals and objectives to overcome the challenges of rapid growth they were experiencing.  After this initial three month phase to solidify strategic objectives, one partner and two NLG architects spent four months designing a strategic IT plan to support these goals.

Giving Context to Rethink Distribution Strategy

Presenting Problem: Country division of a mid-sized insurance carrier wanted to change its distribution strategy and asked NewLink to review and provide feedback on their draft plan.

NLG Participation: One partner and two executive consultants reviewed the document in detail and discussed it with a number of executives over an intensive one week period. Then they presented a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) review of the strategy to the management team, supplemented by information from the NewLink syndicated research studies.

Outcome: Provided the context in which they could totally rethink their distribution strategy.