Jan Belzile, MBA – The Navigator

Jan is the navigator – the one who can think through the complexities of a business and IT scenario and map the way forward. Her ability to integrate the human, technology and business dimensions into a complete picture and collaboratively build a path towards resolution and value innovation make her a true business navigator.

Clients call on her when:

  • they want to define how to implement their vision
  • they have problems that are simply not being resolved
  • their program status is totally in the red
  • they have too many priorities and cannot rank them to move ahead
  • they need assistance to frame complex issues or concepts and present them to executives

Jan is a firm believer that organizations should prioritize their investments of scarce IT resources based on their business goals and levers of change – their business fundamentals. Using her financial services expertise she creates frameworks, models and criteria that enable others to: understand core business fundamentals, see the wider consequences of their decisions and track progress towards specific goals.

A respected strategist and leader, Jan builds teams the way she approaches problems – by thinking about how all of the pieces can fit together to produce a stronger, more resilient whole. As a result, she builds dynamic, highly effective teams and structures the context around them to foster their success. She is not afraid to name problems, deal with them and drive forward discussion of the issues that may lie ahead along alternative courses of action. Nevertheless, her energy and ability to navigate complexity and orchestrate change mean that most of the time she brings people along through inspiration and collaboration.

At NLG, Jan has assisted organizations to:

  • clarify their business fundamentals through creation of understandable frameworks
  • develop their IT strategic plan and map the course from where they are to where they want to be, often while developing ways to ‘self-fund’ change
  • discover ways that technology can positively impact their business
  • identify and resolve problems by thinking through the connectivity of different elements (business, technology and people) and how they can be positively restructured
  • model their business capabilities
  • understand the relationship between risk and financial instruments or structures (for example Asset Liability Management), and the IT systems that support those relationships

Prior to joining NewLink Group, Jan was CIO – Investments for Canada Life during a period of significant transition; a consultant with over 10 years of financial services company assignments in the United States including Interim COO to a small investment firm, Program Manager for the implementation of a new derivatives desk in a Wall Street primary brokerage, the IT member of an M&A team for a mid-size regional bank, and an Architect at Royal Bank of Canada.