Our Approach

Our business is relationship-based. The majority of our work comes to us through connections or referrals based on our excellent reputation in the industry.

Clients come to us for a fresh perspective on challenging issues or when they need someone with a specific set of knowledge and skills to move forward a complex initiative. There are no standard approaches in our world. Instead we tailor our solutions to our clients’ unique needs by getting to know the organization and the people involved.

Typically, if clients come to us with a problem it is either in need of assessment or already defined and in need of resolution. If you come to us with a problem that needs definition, we will ask questions to get to your business fundamentals and a true picture of the challenges facing your business. Then we will find professionals with the skills and knowledge to assess the problem in-depth, using the methods most appropriate to your situation. Once your problem is clearly defined, we will use our management skills and industry expertise to help you find a path to resolution and, more often than not, innovation.

Or, if you come to us seeking a person with a certain knowledge base and skill set, we will work with you to clarify your needs and, whenever possible, get to know you better so we can find a consultant who meets your requirements and complements your management style.

The NLG Backing

We understand that business is about people, and that sometimes people need help to find a solution together. We are collaborators and NLG partners are always ready to step in if necessary to work with both our consultant and our client to resolve issues as they arise. This backing is the NLG difference. Our consultants may be independent, but they are never alone.